Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to Find a Suitable Well Pump

How to Find a Suitable Well Pump
If you rely on your well pump to get drinking water for your home, you’ll need to find a good replacement when the time comes. Now choosing a well pump can be a tough decision. You must be careful and select the right size and type of pump. If you already had a well pump in your home, the first thing you’ll have to do is identify the type.

There are basically three types of well pumps used in residential areas: centrifugal pump, jet pump and submersible pump. If you have a shallow well then chances are that a centrifugal pump is in use. This pump contains only a single pipe and is used to lift water not more than 25 feet. Jet pumps can be used in both shallow and deep wells.

 A shallow jet pump contains a single pipe and can also lift water only up to 25 feet. However, a deep jet pump can be used to lift water to higher levels, that is, deeper than 25 feet from the ground. This is because it contains two pipes instead of one. The first pipe is used for suction whereas the other is mainly used to enhance operation of the pump. The large jet pumps can be used to pump water up to 50 feet.

Submersible well pumps are the ones most commonly used in residential areas. They can be used to pump water in both shallow and deep wells. The smaller submersible pump, which costs less money, can fit on a smaller well. The submersible pumps usually contain a single pipe that is connected to a pressure tank. The good thing about this pump is that it will only lift water when needed. It is installed close to the bottom of the well.

When replacing your pump, you need to know the size of the existing well pump. There are models that offer more horsepower and they are known to last longer and run less often. However, you need to be very careful when selecting the power of your well pump and avoid having too much power.
Also consider the depth of the well when choosing a suitable pump. If the lift capacity is quite high then you can use a 4 inch submersible pump. A shallow well jet pump is ideal for depths below 25 feet. In order to determine the well’s depth to the water, look at the driller’s well report. It should be clearly stated in this document.

It is also important to know how much water your home needs before selecting a well pump. Consider the amount of water you’ll need for the showers, appliances like dishwashers and outdoor irrigation needs. A regular home with three to four bedrooms will only require 8 to 12 gallons of water per minute. In case you still find it hard to purchase a new well pump, seek expert advice. Look for a contractor who specializes in well pumps and ask them for suitable recommendations. 

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Choosing A Reliable Well Repair Service

Other than offering a reliable and sustainable supply of water, wells provide high quality water that is free of contaminants. Wells are also low maintenance and have very minimal operating costs. You'll need to hire a well contractor in order to get this system installed properly and repaired whenever there's a need. Here's how you go about choosing the right well repair contractor.

First, choose a well repair service that is offered by experienced people who understand your local geology. In order for a company to be allowed to drill wells in your region, the drillers must fulfill certain guidelines. It is important to hire a licensed well contractor so that the well is drilled based on the set standards.

Before recommending any type of well, the contractor should assess the typical water quality in the region, the trends in well design as well as how previous drilled wells have performed in that area. These records of water wells in the area will help the contractor select a reliable well for your property.

Ensure the well repair service you are about to hire has a good reputation. Ask for references from the service providers and call previous clients to check whether they are satisfied with their wells. Make sure the contractors are insured as well and that their prices are competitive. Sometimes the cheapest price may not offer the kind of quality you're looking for.

A reliable well repair service should provide clients with a guarantee on workmanship and materials used to construct the well. They should have a contract or agreement that includes all the costs, materials and procedures to be followed during construction.

Remember that the performance and safety of the well will depend on where it's drilled. With the help of an expert, you can look at various sites where the well can be constructed in your property. If it's a farm or acreage, make sure you don't have any plans to build detached structures. There are also state regulations that limit where and how you can drill wells.

Your other top concern should be to keep the well clean and safe throughout the year. Since most contaminants will enter the well through the casing, it must be constructed in a way that possible contamination is greatly avoided. You'll have to enlist the services of a contractor to help you keep your well safe and clean.

Make sure you perform regular maintenance, testing and cleaning of the well as per the expert's recommendation. You can choose either bored wells or drilled wells. Bored wells are considered more prone to contamination compared to drilled wells. Drilled wells are smaller in diameter but they provide a more reliable water supply because they are not affected by seasonal weather.

There are many people who offer well repair services so make sure you get the right experts. Find out if they offer a variety of repair services so that you're not restricted. A good well repair service should offer you unmatched customer service, great advice and high end products.

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