Tuesday, April 14, 2015

3 Least Known Things Regarding Well Pump Repairs

Some households, particularly those located in remote areas or off the water grid, depend on wells as their source of water. And the way the pump performs can directly influence your daily routine at home. Since an efficient and professional well pump repair expert can be tricky to find (knowing that well pumps are not as common as would be bathroom fixtures), you may need to assess the problematic equipment to see whether it is something you can handle. If the problem proves to be more serious, you will need to contact a professional.

For starters, you need to acquaint yourself with three important points as mentioned below.

1. The circuit breaker

As is the case with many other electrical appliances, the circuit breaker will serve as the first culprit and the first line of defense whenever something is not right. Whenever there’s a malfunction, one should check out the circuit breaker before carrying out any repairs on the pump. This will help to establish whether the connection points are good, whether there’s any debris and if everything is in its place. Besides, you may need to have fundamental measurement tools like the voltage meter; equipment that quickly responds to voltage fluctuations. The smallest power loss could cause strange behavior.

2. Noise – Is it normal or not?

Do not freak out whenever you hear noise emanating from the pump, since these contractions are usually noisy including when they’re new. However, if you hear horrible whirring or rattling (particularly when it coincides with water loss or to the inability of the pump to respond to the on-off switch), you should think about well pump repairs. A noisy machine may have various causes: debris could be in the impeller assembly or the impeller could be broken. The noise may also imply loose motor mounts or damaged bearings.

3. Killing the power

At times, equipment may not shut off for various reasons. This may make well pump repairs a confusing and painstaking exercise. However, most plumbers realize that the causes can be managed. For instance, equipment that runs non-stop maybe because of its inability to attain the cut-off pressure and this may result from extremely low water levels in the well, damaged pressure sensor or leakage.

However, the bottom line is if the equipment won’t stop running for an unknown reason, you should cut off the power quickly in order to prevent further damage. Not doing this has the potential to damage the internal circuit, sensors or valves. Therefore, before you check out what could be causing the malfunction, you should turn off the power supply.

At times, detecting the source of the problem in any of these cases can be tricky let alone troubleshooting the issue. However, most people are able to identify the issues mentioned above. If you do not know where to start in order to get well pump fixed, do not hesitate to contact a professional well repair service. They have all the experience and skills needed to fix any problem.