Saturday, February 14, 2015

How to Maintain Your Water Well

It’s important to maintain a well system once installed. Proper maintenance will enhance its lifespan and prevent many unnecessary costs. If you are a private well owner, here are some tips on how to maintain this important system.

1.     It is always important to have a well maintenance inspection done at least once a year. When this inspection is conducted, a single issue that could turn out to be a large and expensive ordeal is fixed immediately. You don’t have to wait for a catastrophe in order to call in an expert to take a look at your water well. Preventative maintenance is always cheaper and safer in the long run.

2.     Check the well cover or well cap and always ensure it is not damaged. A damaged casing can easily let in hazardous chemicals into the water well. In fact, you need to ensure any chemicals, fertilizers, motor oil and pesticides are kept far away from the water well.

3.      Take caution when working on your landscape and make sure the well is at least a foot above the ground. You should even avoid mowing around the well system because you could easily damage the casing. And if it snows, make sure you get rid of piles of snow from the top of your well.

4.     Pay close attention to any changes on your well or the water that it provides. If you notice a strong smell or weird tastes then don’t ignore it. Call in an expert to test the water for bacteria and nitrates or anything that could be of concern.

5.     Test your well water regularly if you have infants living in your home. Regular tests are also recommended if you find a broken well cap or a new contamination source. If anyone in your family has experienced recurrent gastrointestinal illness, make sure you call in an expert to test the well water.

6.     Whether it’s servicing, installing a new pump or well driller, make sure you hire a certified and highly experienced person to perform the job. Sometimes a simple service like installing a new pump can create a myriad of issues when done wrong.

7.     Most importantly, never try to service your own well. Qualified contractors have the kind of equipment, skill and experience needed to perform a thorough job. You need to hire a contractor so as to be assured that the well system has been left safe and operational. Many things can go wrong if you attempt to service your own well so you’d rather call in an expert.

Well maintenance is important because it helps you to avoid unnecessary expenses and keep your family safe. It starts from the little things like performing a test if you notice a change in the odor, taste or color of the water coming from the well. Taking time to call in an expert to have the system inspected thoroughly will also go a long way to keep your home safe. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Posted By: KCW Water Well Service