Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What to Consider Before Drilling a Well

Discuss the well drilling method
There are different methods that the driller can use on your site. You can choose one depending on the terrain of your area as well as the methods you consider cost effective. For instance, if you live in a rocky area then the rotary drilling rig method can be used to get the job done fast and effectively. Modern well drilling methods are usually considered the fastest and most effective.

Know how much you’ll pay for well drilling
The cost of drilling the well will depend on several factors including the cost of operating the equipment that will be used for drilling as well as the number of people working on the project. Well drilling is considered a dangerous task that many people may not endure and that could explain why the labor costs are high.

Expect additional charges for installing a steel casing together with the grouting and sealing that must be done to prevent water contamination. The other factors that will determine the cost of drilling a well is how far it is going to go. If the well is going to be drilled deep under in order to find water, then the cost will be a bit higher.

What type of well screens will be used?
A well screen may need to be installed so that water moves through it before it enters the well. This screen may or may not be required depending on what the driller recommends. Most of the property owners will prefer their wells to be left without a screen in order to avoid the extra cost. However, failing to install the well screen if it is required can end up creating major problems. The driller will recommend the well screen at the time of drilling so you need to take the advice and invest in one.

Ask about possible additional fees
There could be some extra charges that you will need to incur when drilling a well in your property. For instance, if the driller requires transport in order to get the drilling rig to your site then this could be an additional cost which you have to pay. Have all these details in writing so that you don’t end up paying more than what you expect. Remember there is also the cost of fuel required to run the drilling rig which some drillers may choose to pass down to the customer.

Consider the weather

You may want to think twice before you start the well drilling project during the rainy season. The issue with the rainy season is that most areas may not be accessible and it’s also hard to operate the drilling equipment that could easily jam because of the wet weather. If the rig gets stuck, pulling it out may be an additional cost and waste of time which the owner has to incur. Well drilling is usually recommended during the summer as it is done easily whenever it’s dry. 

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Friday, October 16, 2015

How Can We Save Energy In Our Daily Life?

Climate change is a man-made issue. Vigorous, indiscriminate, and selfish exploitation of the earth's resources for human development has led to this embarrassing situation. The unmindful and self-centered approach has not only affected the climate but the survival of the self. Cold wars and rebellions are the ploys used to take control of the limited resources of land, fuels, and water. Disputes arise even among the individuals over the ownership of real estates and monies belonging to their ancestors. However, many people do not exercise the requisite care and vigil for maintaining the assets so acquired, but end up in wastage of money and materials. Let's use the energy efficiently through organizing the things according to the priority. Here, the instances of daily life are presented along with the ways in which we can preserve the precious energy.
Home. Electricity is the versatile input for our life. We have to switch off the lights and devices when no more required. Ironing the clothes in a single sitting will save a lot of energy. All items have to be kept ready for cooking at one go so that the fuel can be saved. Air-conditioners, fridges, and geysers consume more energy due to poor maintenance and care. The older and less-efficient bulbs and tubes need replacement with the LED type. The low-cost and pollution-free solar power can be harnessed to generate electricity.
Motor vehicles have to be serviced regularly to cut down the wastage from the low tyre pressure and the poor quality lubricants and fuels. The water from the baths, rooms, and kitchen can irrigate the gardens. The organic wastes like scraps from the vegetables, fruits and paper decompose as manures. Replacing an object in the same place from where it is taken results in saving time and energy while avoiding the tension of not finding it when required. The old clothes can be given to the poor folks and orphanages. The metallic scraps and unused old articles not only convert to money but save the valuable space.
Office. A smart office produces more at less cost. Reduced work hours and working in the daytime go a long way in saving the energy. Many offices have a Five-day week for better productivity. The paperless communication and storage of documents is made possible with the digital technology. In fact, the limited papers are recycled for the internal use. Dependence on the air conditioners is minimized through the fans. Efficient lighting with good ventilation is ensured to save the energy.
Public place. At the society level, wastage of rain water through the runoff can be controlled by diverting it to the wells, tanks, and dams. The integration of the rivers will produce lasting benefits of flood control, availability, and higher productivity. Some cities follow a particular day in a week as 'No Car day.' Car pooling, cycling, and the public transport system aim at reducing the traffic snarls and pollution and conserving the energy. Sewerage treatment and solid waste management plants enable recycling of the water and garbage. Roads are laid with the recycling of the waste plastics.
Energy saved is energy earned. Cutting down our money expenditure alone does not mean savings. The avoidance of unwanted and lavish spending also results in frugality. Such savings in every sphere of life would make a great investment for the future.
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